All of our trainers understand that no two bodies are alike and will work with you to get fit at the right pace.


Stuart Burton

Body Building

Stuart Burton has over 3 decades of experience in the fields of fitness, bodybuilding, and wellness. He is the owner of one of New York City’s most premier fitness facilities "Iron and Silk Fitness Center." Voted "Best Mom-and-Pop Gym" by the Village Voice in Oct 2010 "Best Of NY." Iron and Silk, was co-founded with his wfie Christina Lee Burton over 10 years ago. The health and life center promotes a comprehensive philosophy including nutritional assessments, physical and massage therapy, cardiovascular and weight training as well as yoga and meditation. Stuart is known for his "S.A.F.E Method" of training he coined over 5 years ago. This unique perspective incorporates the intensity of hardcore bodybuilding with the essentials and practicality of functional training. A New York City native, Stuart has trained some of the world’s most well-known athletes, models and actors and continues to do so today. His formal education was garnered by working under and alongside some of the world’s greatest bodybuilders, including bodybuilding Hall-of-Famer George Paine, Leon Brown, Western Mr. America John Iacobelli, and the legendary Harold Poole. Burton also lectures at Long Island University's Athletics Department of continuing education; "Muscle, Human Performance, and the Everyday Athlete."



Mixed Martial Arts

Charles Rubino had been training in Martical Arts for over twenty years. He studied Jeet Kune Do, Kali, Boxing Muay Thai (Dutch and Thai styles) and has competed in amature competiations as well. His love for the arts has drove him to help others learn how to use their body to its maximum efficiency.


Katarzyna (Kasha) Muszynska

Yoga Reset
Power Yoga

After years of intensive practicing Kasha has had the opportunity to work with some very influential instructors in the yoga community. She’s studied with Raghunath Cappo, Sondra Loring in Hudson NY. Kasha’s passion has led her to Hot Power Yoga at Pure Yoga in New York with Tanya Bulton and Loren Basset. With her dynamic background,the incorporation of Aerial Yoga at Christopher Harrison’s AntiGravity Lab in New York City has allowed her to develop a very diverse and hands on approach to her personal yoga instruction. Studying under celebrity trainer Stuart Burton, founder of Stuart Burton’s Iron and Silk Fitness Center, is taking her application of alignment, power, strength and recuperation to the understanding that not many yoga instructors poses. In her class you will work on building heat, endurance, flexibility and strength at the same time working with breath-centered meditation to calm and focus your mind. Her creative sequencing is often built around Suyra Namaskar (sun salutations).

Beginners are more than welcome. “How do I live my practice in every moment of every day?’’