Rarely do you find a gym that treats you like a member of the family, where classes are limited to four or five students, where the elliptical machines and treadmills each number four—but there’s always one available. Iron & Silk Fitness, run by Stuart Burton and his senior team of seasoned professionals. You’ll always get a hello and a goodbye—along with some good old-fashioned familial advice. You’ll also get ripped, whether you partake in their one-on-one personal training sessions and nutrition analysis programs; choose from the semi-private group sessions ranging from yoga to boxing to core and Pilates classes; or do your own thing with cardio and weights under their watchful gaze. Iron and Silk give your health and fitness regimen the same intensity they give to their own sports, and that enthusiasm translates to the silky-steel physiques (think Madonna’s arms, but less veiny) alluded to by the gym’s name.